Houston, be advised: Rich Purnell is a steely-eyed missile man.
~ The Martian: Andy Weir

Who We Are

Following the heroics of Apollo 12's environmental control engineer, John Aaron, the term "steely-eyed missile man" became synonymous with individuals that are "quick thinking, cool under pressure, and hold a steely resolve". These attributes serve as the foundation for our company and the people that enable our customers to meet the meticulous demands of the mission. All of our team members possess "the Steely spirit".

Steely was founded in 2013, featuring a group of former US government employees that held the qualities of the "steely-eyed" individuals that always demonstrated perseverance and resolve. Over the years, customers continue to seek us out knowing that working with Steely means engaging with committed, detail-oriented engineers and technologists that seek to bring these qualities to every solution we deliver.