VSAT Solutions

Satellite communication serves as the principal infrastructure for many of our customers. Ensuring these solutions remain secure and operate at peak performance are mission imperatives. Our talented team of engineers are resolute in their ability to support these critical networks.

Custom Networks

Private communication is essential to support sensitive operational requirements. Our team of engineers is highly adept at building, securing, and maintaining custom networks, allowing our customers to communicate in a safe, reliable manner.

Data Analytics

Data comes in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult on our customers to transform it into meaningful information. Our tailored software solutions make use of cutting-edge data analytic tools and libraries, providing our clients with the ability to find the needle in the digital haystack.

Embedded Engineering

Some solutions require operating at the lowest levels of the equipment we build and support. Developing embedded solutions requires our engineers to embody the Steely spirit and focus on the smallest detail. These solutions provide our customers with powerful tools that allow them to engage the mission at all levels and remain invisible while doing so.

Software Solutions

Software solutions are integral to everything we do at Steely. Whether we're working on the front-end with HTML, CSS, and TypeScript or spending time polishing up code on the back-end, our full stack developers take pride and responsibility in all aspects of our custom-built tools.